Dr. Alexey Bochkarev

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A researcher in Operations Research / Industrial Engineering focusing on mathematical optimization. Postdoc at RPTU Kaiserslautern.

Research interests: mathematical programming, combinatorial optimization, networks, interdiction, decision diagrams, dynamic programming, reinforcement learning, quantum computing.

I am broadly interested in combinatorial optimization and networks. My current projects take different perspectives on capturing and leveraging structure in optimization problems involving graphs. I am trying to achieve this using binary decision diagrams and game playing and reinforcement learning methods. Getting involved into quantum computing and the opportunities it creates for optimization.

Education: PhD OR/IE (2021; dissertation) from Clemson University, with Dr. J. Cole Smith, MSc Appl. Maths & Physics (2010), MA Economics (2010).

Before the academia: management consulting and electric energy, focus on infrastructure projects, strategy and efficiency in transmission grids.

Please refer to my CV and the programming stack I use for more details.