Miscellaneous notes

Here is a complete list of my public notes that are not directly related to research or teaching, mostly covering tools and software I use. These are in no particular order: I tend to link them from elsewhere (private conversations, twitter posts, etc.)

Please let me know if you’ll spot a mistake or have a suggestion for these materials.

My programming stack
[ 𝚺 ] A brief summary of the core software stack I use for research.

On visualizing network graphs and Julia
[ 𝚺 ] How to invoke Graphviz or TikZ from Julia to produce nice network plots.

🔀 Version control with git.
[ 𝚺 ] A quick intro to version control with git.

📰 Working with the literature: tools and approaches
[ 𝚺 ] A collection of notes on literature: discovery, reading, keeping track of references, and using them in writing.

Text and derive - getting notifications from the cluster
[ 𝚺 ] How to get notifications from a remote machine with Telegram. A really simple and universal approach.