Privacy Policy

This is a private site hosting mostly my notes on various topics (which are mostly of interest to myself, perhaps), so I do not inherently need any users' data. Therefore, while I am definitely not an expert on how the underlying technologies work, I do take deliberate efforts to maximize the privacy of this website. To the best of my knowledge, it “interacts” with your data in a very minimalist fashion (if at all), as described below.

If you spot any potential issue, or have a suggestion in this regard, please let me know in an email.

Data collection

I have an intent to collect no information at all, besides maybe very technical data that are strictly required to run the website. Nothing here asks you to identify yourself. Some information might be collected by GitHub (and the services they use), since the site is hosted on Github Pages (please, see their Privacy Statement for details). Note that, as such, I do not have access to these data (when, or if collected).

The website is designed with an intent to make it self-contained, avoiding requests to any external resources whenever possible. It does not use, to the best of my knowledge, any of:

  • Cookies (which may or may not help to identify users).
  • Content-delivery networks, externally-hosted fonts, or icons.
  • JavaScript — with an exception for code docs generated by Sphinx, which at least load MathJax from (But you will notice these pages are even visually distinct from the rest of the website.)
  • Any sort of analytics1

I also tried my best to highlight external links (with special symbols near the link, such as these ones: external, wiki, GitHub).

Use and sharing of your personal information

Since I have no access to your data, there is nothing I could share.

Making choices about data collection

Note, however, that while I do not have an ultimate, fine-grained control over the website due to the chosen hosting method, you still might be able to configure your local software (web browser) to disable cookies and other means of data collection. Please, refer to your browser’s documentation. I believe, related information is also available on the Internet.2

  1. … at least that I would have access to and control over. In particular, I do not use Google Analytics, yes. ↩︎

  2. Some good starting points for your research on this might be, r/privacy wiki and discussions on Reddit, and other sources. ↩︎